Sunday, August 21, 2016

Last summer trip - Seattle

Summer is coming to a close and the last trip has been taken. Scott recently returned from a work trip to Seattle. The point of the trip was to soak in the Farm to Table movement and explore the local food trends/scenes. This trip also led to Scott discovering where we are going to retire, Bainbridge Island. I would be ok with getting out of the Texas summer heat so I am not arguing with his discovery.

Back to the food...Since we lived in California prior to moving to Texas, we are very familiar with the Farm to Table movement. We were actively participating in this as we shopped our local farmers markets every weekend. Recognize the brunette (with the green circle around her head)? Me at the Pacific Palisades farmers market with my good friend Jennifer Garner. LOL!

That was the amazing thing about living in California. Every week we would buy fresh, local produce from small farmers. Scott being in Seattle reawakened our love of buying local. 

A note on our preference - there are a lot of debates on organic vs. conventional farming and we are not looking to debate but we prefer organic 100% of the time when available. We tend to skip produce all together when it is not organic and supplement other ways. 

No matter where you live try and get out to a local farmers market and check out what the farmers have. San Antonio has a great one at the Pearl Brewery on Saturdays. It changes from season to season and some seasons are more abundant than others but most is grown sustainably, if not organically. 

So to leave you, if you were to walk into your local grocery store (say it is an HEB) you would be able to find some fantastic organic peaches - tis the season. Some of the organic ones are coming from Texas and some from the San Joaquin Valley, CA. Here is a recipe until next time:

Fresh Organic Peaches with Feta and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 semi hard peaches - you do not want them super soft
6 ounces crumbled Feta cheese 
1-2 Tablespoons high quality extra virgin olive oil

Slice peaches thinly and place them in a bowl. Gently toss the feta cheese and olive oil together with the peaches. Garnish with some chopped fresh mint. 

One of our favorite recipes for a hot summer day and even better with a glass of Chardonnay.

*Picture of peaches is from Pike's Place Market in Seattle.  

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